Our two current shows are 'The Political Week' and 'Open Door'. 'The Political Week' takes a topical look at current British political issues and 'Open Door' explores national and international issues with experts and activists. Click on the links above for a complete listing of all of the previous shows in each series. 

The Political Week

Kate Hudson discusses the Syria vote, and angry MPs who have been lobbied by their constituents, with writer and broadcaster Joy Johnson.

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Open Door

Kate Hudson talks with economist Michael Burke about Chancellor Osborne's economic claims and the nature of the global 'turning point'.

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The Political Week

Kate Hudson talks with Stop The War Convener Lindsey German about Gates' pronouncements on British military spending and the scandal of torture by western military forces.

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Open Door

Kate Hudson talks to environmental activist Camilla Berens about the High Court challenge to new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point and a vision of sustainability.

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Open Door

Kate Hudson talks to economist Michael Burke about the European financial crisis, whether the British economy is in recovery and how governments are using the crisis to create a new economic order.

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Open Door

Kate Hudson talks to journalist David Cronin about his book Corporate Europe and how big business is able to manipulate the policy agenda in the European Union – including facilitating the influence of arms companies such as BAe Systems.

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Open Door

Kate Hudson talks with Sarah Colborne from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign about the impact of the Syrian conflict on Palestinian refugees and flags up the forthcoming parliamentary lobby.

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Reality Radio is an online radio station project, in development in its
initial stages through publishing podcasts. It was established in August
2010 by Kate Hudson, General Secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear
Disarmament (CND). Our aim is to critically uncover the realities of the
twenty-first century world and produce interesting and inspiring audio
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Reality Radio shows cover a wide range of subjects, drawing on the
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We currently produce two shows: 'Open Door' and 'The Political Week'.

'Open Door' debates key themes in current affairs with an expert guest.
It covers issues as diverse as the global economic crisis, the political
situation in the West Bank, and health issues related to the use of
nuclear power. The ever-increasing popularity of the show pays tribute
to the open and candid nature of the interviews.

'The Political Week' discusses the latest in British politics and
current affairs. Each week a studio guest highlights key issues in the
week's politics, raising questions and suggesting answers that we do not
normally hear in the mainstream media.

New shows are currently being planned and we welcome feedback and
suggestions from listeners. If you would like to get in touch please
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