Our two current shows are 'The Political Week' and 'Open Door'. 'The Political Week' takes a topical look at current British political issues and 'Open Door' explores national and international issues with experts and activists. Click on the links above for a complete listing of all of the previous shows in each series. 

Occupy Wall Street: where now?

Judith Leblanc, active in the US Occupy movement, talks with Kate Hudson about where Occupy is going, with whom and how, and sends a powerful message to the anti-cuts movement in Britain. 

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The Entertainer and the Fixer

Italian freelance journalist Roberto Valussi in conversation with Kate Hudson about Berlusconi's incredible 17 years of power, the new perspectives related to Mario Monti's government, and what is left of the Italian opposition.

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The Political Week

Journalist and political commentator Joy Johnson talks about the border control scandal, the "crusties" of St. Paul's and the 30th November strike. 

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Bazooka, troika and trillions: an analysis in three parts of EU rescue package.

Ricapitalisation of banks: where will the money come from? New Economic Foundation economist James Meadway in conversation with Kate Hudson

part 1

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Writing off 50% of Greek Debt. Still not enough

part 2

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European Stability Fund: 1 trillion of euro promises

part 3

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Occupy London: a blessed media attention

part 4

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