Our two current shows are 'The Political Week' and 'Open Door'. 'The Political Week' takes a topical look at current British political issues and 'Open Door' explores national and international issues with experts and activists. Click on the links above for a complete listing of all of the previous shows in each series. 

The Political Week

Journalist and political commentator Joy Johnson talks about the trouble in the Tories over Europe, tensions in St Paul's over the Occupy protests and the sad demise of Tribune

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War and Peace in Central London

2001 - 2011: the war in Afghanistan goes on. So do the protests.

A reportage from the Anti War Assembly in Trafalgar Square.

Audio recording of speakers in stage made available by Harry Fear TV.

Realised by Roberto Valussi.

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Eurozone crisis and how to fight back

Economist Michael Burke explains the latest economic developments and how the new Europe against Austerity coordination can help unify the struggle for an economic alternative.

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