Our two current shows are 'The Political Week' and 'Open Door'. 'The Political Week' takes a topical look at current British political issues and 'Open Door' explores national and international issues with experts and activists. Click on the links above for a complete listing of all of the previous shows in each series. 

The Egyptian uprising: unity of purpose?

John Rees talks with Kate Hudson about the forces which brought about the Egyptian uprising, whether and how unity can be maintained, and what’s coming up at the forthcoming Cairo Conference.

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Will Parliament change on Libya?

Jeremy Corbyn MP talks with Kate Hudson about why he wanted Parliament recalled over Libya, what we can expect from the Prime Minister’s statement on the war, and shifting opinions amongst MPs who should have known better.

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Can Al-Jazeera be independent?

Journalist and writer Hugh Miles talks with Kate Hudson about Al-Jazeera, how it transformed news coverage in the Arab world, and whether its relationship with the Qatari state is jeopardising its reputation during the current Arab uprisings.

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Afghanistan: getting the US troops out

US peace activist Robert Naiman talks with Kate Hudson about the scale of US involvement in Afghanistan, how an exit might be achieved and US attitudes towards talking with the Taliban.

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Eye-witness from Gaza:

Palestinian journalist Yousef Al-Helou speaks about conditions in Gaza, and hope and despair amongst its people.

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The Political Week

Journalist and political commentator Joy Johnson talks about the role of the trade unions post-March 26th, "worst Wednesday" and the latest on the economy, and progress in the ongoing dirty war on Libya.

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Is the US gung-ho on Libya?

US peace activist Robert Naiman talks to Kate Hudson about US attitudes to the war on Libya, reflects on the seeming reluctance of Obama to engage and considers the strategic motivations for the bombing

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