Our two current shows are 'The Political Week' and 'Open Door'. 'The Political Week' takes a topical look at current British political issues and 'Open Door' explores national and international issues with experts and activists. Click on the links above for a complete listing of all of the previous shows in each series. 

Occupy Wall Street: where now?

Judith Leblanc, active in the US Occupy movement, talks with Kate Hudson about where Occupy is going, with whom and how, and sends a powerful message to the anti-cuts movement in Britain. 

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The Entertainer and the Fixer

Italian freelance journalist Roberto Valussi in conversation with Kate Hudson about Berlusconi's incredible 17 years of power, the new perspectives related to Mario Monti's government, and what is left of the Italian opposition.

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The Political Week

Journalist and political commentator Joy Johnson talks about the border control scandal, the "crusties" of St. Paul's and the 30th November strike. 

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Bazooka, troika and trillions: an analysis in three parts of EU rescue package.

Ricapitalisation of banks: where will the money come from? New Economic Foundation economist James Meadway in conversation with Kate Hudson

part 1

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Writing off 50% of Greek Debt. Still not enough

part 2

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European Stability Fund: 1 trillion of euro promises

part 3

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Occupy London: a blessed media attention

part 4

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The Political Week

Journalist and political commentator Joy Johnson talks about the trouble in the Tories over Europe, tensions in St Paul's over the Occupy protests and the sad demise of Tribune

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War and Peace in Central London

2001 - 2011: the war in Afghanistan goes on. So do the protests.

A reportage from the Anti War Assembly in Trafalgar Square.

Audio recording of speakers in stage made available by Harry Fear TV.

Realised by Roberto Valussi.

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Eurozone crisis and how to fight back

Economist Michael Burke explains the latest economic developments and how the new Europe against Austerity coordination can help unify the struggle for an economic alternative.

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Live from Labour Party Conference

Political commentator Joy Johnson joins Kate Hudson at the Labour Party Conference to asses the party and its leaders' performances so far. 

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Are our savings safe?

Economist Michael Burke talks with Kate Hudson about the latest in the Eurozone crisis, the neo-liberal drive to privatization and the Europe against Austerity Conference on October 1st. 

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9/11: ten years on

Stop the War Convenor Lindsey German talks with Kate Hudson about ten years campaigning against the War on Terror, the strength of the movement and the Anti-War Assembly on 8th October. 

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The Political Week

Journalist and political commentator Joy Johnson talks about the 50p tax cut scandal, Murdoch and Godfather Blair, and the forthcoming Europe against Austerity Conference. 

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Eurozone in crisis?

Economist James Meadway discusses the EU's latest economic woes with Kate Hudson, explains the fundamental problem with the single currency, and gives details of an important new conference. 

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The Political Week

Journalist and political commentator Joy Johnson talks about the flatlining UK economy, potential coalition splits on the Human Rights Act, and the myths underpinning 'liberal interventionism' in Libya. 

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Murdoch on the ropes

Journalist and political commentator Joy Johnson talks with Kate Hudson about the latest in the News International scandal, the extent of the crisis and how Ed Miliband is shaping up to the challenge. 

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Media abuse of democracy

Author and journalist Victoria Brittain talks with Kate Hudson about NewsInternational, the political power of the media, and the political and media onslaught on Sheikh Raed Saleh

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Ireland: economic austerity and political legitimacy

Kate Hudson speaks with Roger Cole, from the Irish Peace and Neutrality Alliance, about Irish politics under the new government, and why Ireland andGreece are different.

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The political crisis in Greece

Journalist and political blogger Mattheos Tsimitakis argues that Greece is not only facing an economic crisis but a crisis of the legitimacy of the post-dictatorship political system.

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What future for Greece?

As the Greek parliament backs the government’s austerity programme, economist Michael Burke explains why leaving the Euro is not the answer and uncovers the rotten political deal at the heart of Greece’s problems.

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The Political Week

Journalist and political commentator Joy Johnson makes the case for ‘Red’ Labour not ‘Blue Labour’, and discusses Ed Balls, the current strike wave and the economic problems of Greece.

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Category:The Political Week -- posted at: 12:38pm UTC

How the media present the Palestinians

Professor Greg Philo from the Glasgow Media Group talks with Kate Hudson about media representation, his work on Israel and Palestine, and the political pressures exerted on journalists.

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Assessing the US political mood

US peace activist Judith Leblanc talks with Kate Hudson about the state of the US economy, the people’s response to government performance and their increasing opposition to war.

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Category:Open Door -- posted at: 10:19am UTC

Afghanistan: time to go

US blogger and anti-war author David Swanson talks with Kate Hudson about alternatives to war in Afghanistan and how the aggressor states cannot be part of the solution.

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Category:Open Door -- posted at: 9:25am UTC

The Political Week

Journalist and political commentator Joy Johnson talks about the latest in the Labour Party - ‘Blue Labour’, the debate around ‘Open Primaries’ and Liam Byrne’s ‘shortest suicide note in history’.

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Category:The Political Week -- posted at: 5:28pm UTC

Europe: economy in crisis

Economist Michael Burke speaks with Kate Hudson about ‘austerity’ policies, the accelerating protests in Spain and Greece and the political meaning of ‘default’.

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Art and Politics: the creative process

Artists Peter Kennard and Cat Picton Phillips talk with Kate Hudson about photomontage in the digital age, Peter’s iconic anti-nuclear work with CND and how activist artists can make a difference.

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The Political Week

Journalist and political commentator Joy Johnson talks about the fall of Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the implications for French politics, problems facing the Lib Dems in coalition - from AV to Huhne and House of Lords Reform - and the dire state of the UK economy.

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The Egyptian uprising: unity of purpose?

John Rees talks with Kate Hudson about the forces which brought about the Egyptian uprising, whether and how unity can be maintained, and what’s coming up at the forthcoming Cairo Conference.

Direct download: interview_with_John_Rees_20.04.11.mp3
Category:Open Door -- posted at: 5:13pm UTC

Will Parliament change on Libya?

Jeremy Corbyn MP talks with Kate Hudson about why he wanted Parliament recalled over Libya, what we can expect from the Prime Minister’s statement on the war, and shifting opinions amongst MPs who should have known better.

Direct download: interview_with_Jeremy_Corbyn_20.04.11.mp3
Category:Open Door -- posted at: 4:45pm UTC

Can Al-Jazeera be independent?

Journalist and writer Hugh Miles talks with Kate Hudson about Al-Jazeera, how it transformed news coverage in the Arab world, and whether its relationship with the Qatari state is jeopardising its reputation during the current Arab uprisings.

Direct download: interview_with_Hugh_Miles.mp3
Category:Open Door -- posted at: 8:33pm UTC

Afghanistan: getting the US troops out

US peace activist Robert Naiman talks with Kate Hudson about the scale of US involvement in Afghanistan, how an exit might be achieved and US attitudes towards talking with the Taliban.

Direct download: interview_with_Robert_Naiman_14.04.11.mp3
Category:Open Door -- posted at: 10:36am UTC

Eye-witness from Gaza:

Palestinian journalist Yousef Al-Helou speaks about conditions in Gaza, and hope and despair amongst its people.

Direct download: interview_with_Yousef_Al-Helou.mp3
Category:Open Door -- posted at: 7:47pm UTC

The Political Week

Journalist and political commentator Joy Johnson talks about the role of the trade unions post-March 26th, "worst Wednesday" and the latest on the economy, and progress in the ongoing dirty war on Libya.

Direct download: Joy_Johnson_-_07.04.11.mp3
Category:The Political Week -- posted at: 4:57pm UTC

Is the US gung-ho on Libya?

US peace activist Robert Naiman talks to Kate Hudson about US attitudes to the war on Libya, reflects on the seeming reluctance of Obama to engage and considers the strategic motivations for the bombing

Direct download: interview_with_Robert_Naiman.mp3
Category:Open Door -- posted at: 11:17am UTC

A Budget for Growth?

Economist Michael Burke explains why the budget will bring anything but growth and exposes the deregulatory plans which will be a major blow to ordinary people's living standards.

Direct download: interview_with_Michael_Burke_22.03.11.mp3
Category:Open Door -- posted at: 11:34am UTC

The Political Week

Joy Johnson reflects on British government responses to Fukushima and Libya and analyses the likely impact of the health care reforms and next week’s budget.

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Fukushima: the health consequences

As the nuclear disaster unfolds at Fukushima, Kate Hudson speaks with Dr Ian Fairlie, independent consultant on radioactivity in the environment, about the health consequences of the radioactive contamination that is emerging from the stricken plant


Direct download: interview_with_Ian_Fairlie__17.03.11.mp3
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Ireland's new politics

As Ireland undergoes a major political shift, Kate Hudson interviews Roger Cole from the Irish Peace and Neutrality Alliance about what the post-election changes mean, including the impending end to US military flights via Shannon airport.

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Category:Open Door -- posted at: 6:50pm UTC

Western Intervention in Libya?

Should the West intervene in Libya? As the rhetoric heats up for a no-fly zone, Kate Hudson interviews John Rees from the Stop the War Coalition, following his appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze debate.

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The Political Week with Joy Johnson 03/03/11

This week Kate Hudson and Joy Johnson’s discussion focuses on Rupert Murdoch's proposed take over of BSkyB, the response of the British government to the recent events in North Africa and the upcoming TUC march on the 26th of March.

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Open Door with Hannah Elsisi and John Rees - 03/03/11

In this special edition of Open Door Kate Hudson interviews Egyptian student activist Hannah Elsisi, who has recently returned from Cairo's Tahrir Square, and Stop the War activist and documentary film maker, John Rees. They discuss the uprisings in Egypt and Libya, assess the possibilities of real political change and reject talk of foreign military intervention.

Direct download: Interview_with_John_Rees_and_Hannah_Elsisi.mp3
Category:Open Door -- posted at: 1:06pm UTC

Open Door with Judith LeBlanc - 24/02/11

Kate Hudson talks to Judith Le Blanc, the National Organiser for Peace Action via an online link up with the US. They discuss the American people's reaction to the Egyptian uprising and we find out how one Egyptian supported the recent protests in Wisconsin.

Direct download: Interview_With_Judith_LeBlanc_2011.mp3
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Open Door with Victoria Brittain - 23/02/11

Victoria Brittain, journalist and human rights campaigner talks to Kate Hudson about the injustice of the shocking and fascinating case of Dr Aafia Siddiqui. Please read and redistribute Victoria’s article. It can be found at http://www.counterpunch.org/brittain02142011.htm

Direct download: Victoria_Brittain_Interview.mp3
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Open Door with Dr. Ian Fairlie - 09/02/11

Expert on the health consequences of nuclear power stations Dr Ian Fairlie tells Kate Hudson about the astonishing economic and safety implications of using nuclear power. He also discusses a controversial and revealing report that is awaiting publication.

Direct download: Dr_Fairlie_Interview.mp3
Category:Open Door -- posted at: 4:29pm UTC

Open Door with Bruce Kent - 03/02/11

Bruce Kent talks to Kate Hudson about the efficacy of the bilateral New Start treaty, Barack Obama and the prospects for nuclear disarmament.

Direct download: Bruce_Kent_03.02.11_final.mp3
Category:Open Door -- posted at: 3:26pm UTC

Open Door with Michael Burke - 25/01/11

Economist and journalist Michael Burke explains the recent fall in GDP and what the Tories are doing wrong. In this interview, conducted by Kate Hudson, Michael also discusses with the policy implications of Ed Balls becoming shadow chancellor. 

Direct download: Michael_Burke_jan_25th_final.mp3
Category:Open Door -- posted at: 7:15pm UTC

 Open Door with Judith LeBlanc - 17/01/11

In this special edition of Open Door, Kate Hudson interviews Judith LeBlanc, the National Organiser for Peace Action. Via a link up across the Atlantic, Judith discusses US politics since the republican majority in congress; the economic cuts and nuclear disarmament; and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

Direct download: Interview_with_Judith_LeBlanc.mp3
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