Our two current shows are 'The Political Week' and 'Open Door'. 'The Political Week' takes a topical look at current British political issues and 'Open Door' explores national and international issues with experts and activists. Click on the links above for a complete listing of all of the previous shows in each series. 

 Open Door with Bellavia Ribeiro-Addy - 21/12/10

Former NUS Black Students' Officer, Bellavia discusses the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Gaza, the upcoming protest vigil and the increasing role that students have to play in all three.

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Open Door with Lindsey German - 20/12/10

Convenor of Stop the War Coalition, Lindsey German talks about the new initiatives Counterfire and the Coalition of Resistance. Lindsey also discusses the measures necessary for successful opposition to the cuts.

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Open Door with Barnaby Raine - 14/12/10

Activist and school student Barnaby Raine talks to Kate Hudson about the education cuts, the student protests and the emerging politicised youth.  

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Open Door with Jeremy Corbyn - 14/12/10

Jeremy Corbyn talks about his experiences on his recent visits to the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

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 Open Door with Mary Robertson. 08/12/10

Spearheading the SOAS Occupation: student Mary Robertson talks about the resistance to the education cuts, solidarity, and the NUS.


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Open Door with John Gittings - 07/12/10

Writer and journalist John Gittings talks about electoral strategies, nuclear disarmament and building alliances for change.

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